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Hæklede tæpper  
Hæklede tæpper - Crochet Blankets
Learn to make your own blankets. This book contains designs for you to make your own blankets. It is filled with step-by-step photos. You will learn to make Granny Stripe, Zig-Zag, Granny Hexagon and Granny Square. Learn to stitch the squares together and learn how to crochet them together - the smart way!
Language: Danish.


Two colour crochet   Hæk'let - for børn og begyndere  
Tofarvet hækling - Two Colour Crochet
Two-coloured crochet is NOT only black and white, but in this book I have used black and white only.
It gives a calm, balance and harmony. Without other colours to "disturb", there is more focus on the graphic expression. Using only black and white the contrast steps forward and gets the attention.
The book is ment as an inspiration for you to use the colours - not only as a choice of pattern but for you to fill in your own colours and to make your own combinations.
Language: Danish.
  "HÆK'LET - for børn og begyndere"
Crochet - for children an beginners.
This is the crochet book for the absolute beginner. You will learn the fundamental stitches by following the instructional video clips in the book. Lots of step-by-step photos will guide you through the three simple designs in the book.
36 pages including links to video clips.
Language: Danish.
24 TING - en julekalender   Lær at binde ADVENTSKRANS  
"24 TING - en julekalender"
"24 Things - A Cristmas Calender"
This is my own Christmas calender. The e-book shows 24 updated and brand new designs for little, sweet and funny things to make for Christmas.
56 pages of crochet.
Language: Danish.
  "Lær at binde ADVENTSKRANS"
"Learn To Make An Advent Wreath"
Learn to make the traditional danish advent wreath. Read about the danish tradition behind the advent wreath and follow the photos step-by-step so you can learn how to make the classical wreath made on the foundation of a straw wreath. You can see some of my decorative suggestions to making your own advent wreath.
36 pages.
Language: Danish.
24 Stjerneidéer      
"24 Stjerneidéer"
Two creative bloggers have joined forces in the making og this new e-book with 24 star ideas that you can make on your own.
Wenche Steensen from the blog "Tusindfryd" and I, who have my own little world of creative pursuits at "Karen Klarbæks Verden".
74 pages of designs, recipes and step-by-step photos.
Language: Danish.

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